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We provide aggressive tort litigation defense for insurance companies, representing many of the nation’s largest insurance providers in Louisiana’s trial and appellate courts.  Our firm has a deep, broad understanding of insurance law, particularly Louisiana’s statutes and case histories.  While early resolution is the goal in most cases, we are equally prepared to use our courtroom experience to try a case to the very end. Our insurance defense lawyers litigate a wide range of cases on behalf of insurers throughout the state.  These include basic tort claims for injuries caused by auto accidents and slip-and-fall claims, as well as more complex, difficult cases involving high policy limits or complicated liability issues.  In addition to our litigation services, we provide a full range of insurance law services to insurance companies, corporations and in-house legal departments.

Recent Experience Highlights

Client Story:  Prevailing in a Complex Insurance Dispute that Merged Louisiana Insurance and Business Law

Where we started:  The underlying litigation involved a motor vehicle accident where the vehicle at fault was part of a fleet of shipping trucks that collided with a school bus.  The plaintiff brought litigation against the driver, the driver’s trucking company and the customer for whom he was driving. Our roadmap:  Keogh Cox represented the customer and its insurer in the principal litigation, and in a third party claim against the driver, his company and their insurer for reimbursement.   At issue was whether the insurer represented by Keogh Cox was a primary or excess insurer.  Ultimately, the question turned on whether the veil could be pierced such that the trucking company’s insurer was primarily liable for an accident involving a truck owned by an individual. Resolution:  Keogh Cox was successful in merging business law regarding piercing the corporate veil and insurance law requiring reimbursement and a duty to defend the excess insurer to provide for a favorable ruling for its client and reimbursement of litigation expenses.

More Details about Insurance Defense

Our lawyers know insurance law and provide trusted counsel regarding coverage disputes and policies, including auto and vehicle insurance, homeowner’s, health and life insurance. We have experience in all areas of insurance defense, including: