Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Defense Law Firm

Our Keogh Cox workers’ compensation team is well versed in the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Law and regulations, and assists clients in all aspects of workers’ compensation, including:

  • Defense of Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Workers’ Compensation court approved settlements
  • Second Injury Fund filings, hearings and appeals
  • Workers’ Compensation Subrogation
  • Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage opinions and disputes
  • Workers’ Compensation premium collection disputes
  • Workers’ Compensation medical billing disputes and healthcare provider suits
  • Statutory employer and borrowing/special employer disputes
  • Workers’ Compensation mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Conflict counsel

We use our deep understanding to develop customized plans of action for each client and case. Our defense experience allows us to help all types of entities that can be involved in defending workers’ compensation matters, including:

  • Employers
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurers
  • Risk Managers
  • Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Funds
  • Workers’ Compensation Third-Party Administrators (TPA’s)
  • National, staff and referring counsel

Our goal is to formulate and implement timely and effective claim closure strategies for occurrences in Louisiana. We are accessible 24/7, strive to keep costs down, and staff matters efficiently with lawyers who focus their practices on workers’ compensation. Our paperless system, which streamlines document management and other client communications, adds to our efficiency. All of our workers’ compensation lawyers have first-chair trial and appellate experience, regularly trying cases throughout Louisiana and handling appeals to all appellate courts and before the Louisiana Supreme Court. We leverage the talents of lawyers in other practices to maximize the advantages available to our clients, including those with backgrounds in accounting, engineering and nursing. Our members are recognized as leaders in this field of law, are licensed by multiple state insurance departments to provide continuing education credit to licensed adjusters, and regularly attend Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council meetings to monitor and comment on proposed legislation and regulations.

Located in Downtown Baton Rouge, our office is mere steps from District 5 of the Office of Workers’ Compensation. We are also only a few blocks from the main office of the Louisiana Workforce Commission where all Second Injury Fund cases are filed, and from the 19th Judicial District Court where Second Injury Fund appeals are handled for the entire state.

Experience Highlights

  • We prevailed at the Louisiana Supreme Court in a workers’ compensation case, which curtailed the abusive discovery practice of claimants used to manufacture penalty claims against employers and insurers.  This key ruling is now cited regularly by workers’ compensation judges and attorneys statewide.  Our attorneys continue to use the case to streamline discovery and curtail costs.
  • We successfully defended a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor wrongly accused of civil fraud in connection with the performance of her duties on behalf of an injured worker.  We prevailed at the trial on the merits before the Workers’ Compensation Judge, and maintained that victory at both the court of appeal and the Louisiana Supreme Court.
  • Effectively using motion practice, the Keogh Cox team successfully obtained summary judgment against a worker claiming permanent total disability.  Elimination of the exposure in excess of $200,000 was affirmed at the court of appeal.
  • We successfully used motion practice to obtain a complete dismissal of a claim based on the intoxication defense.
  • Keogh Cox assisted our client with the preparation of strategy and materials for the successful pursuit of Second Injury Fund recovery in a case involving a quadriplegic worker.
  • We obtained a dismissal of a claim at trial by arguing that the claimant failed to prove that he sustained a compensable injury at work.  Because of the thorough preparation and trial presentation, the judge cited favorably the numerous conflicts between the claimant’s testimony, the medical records and the testimony of other witnesses in maintaining the defense presented on behalf of our client.
  • We utilized Louisiana’s anti-fraud statute to obtain not only a finding that the claim for benefits was forfeited, but also an order from the judge requiring the employee-claimant to pay restitution to our client for costs and litigation expenses incurred in the defense of the claim.