Louisiana Class Action Defense Law Firm

Keogh Cox has considerable experience litigating class action, mass tort, multi-party disputes and other complex litigation for companies and organizations facing high-exposure cases in Louisiana’s trial and appellate courts.  Our lawyers have first-hand involvement in class actions and mass torts that include:

  • Hurricanes and other natural disasters
  • Bad faith litigation
  • Industrial accidents
  • Construction defects
  • Professional malpractice
  • Pharmaceutical defects
  • Vaccine litigation
  • Chinese drywall

Businesses ­ regardless of industry ­ seek our help after natural disasters, environmental catastrophes, industrial accidents and other high-exposure injuries and occurrences.  Our lawyers also handle complex, class action lawsuits relating to consumer protection and other statutory damage claims and causes of action.

Recent Experience Highlights

Client Story: Hurricane Laura, Delta, and Ida Litigation

Where we started:  Commercial and residential property insurers were sued in thousands of first party suits by property owners seeking additional payments for damages caused by hurricanes, in addition to bad faith penalties and attorneys’ fees under Louisiana’s bad faith laws.  Our roadmap:  Operating under the guidelines of the Courts’ Case Management Orders, we efficiently assessed hundreds of filed claims for effective and timely resolution.  Resolution:  Our hurricane litigation team worked with, and continue to work with, our clients to efficiently resolve each claim through settlement or trial.  Our team tried the first Hurricane Laura case in the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana.

Client Story:  Mass Tort Drywall Litigation

Where we started:  Drywall distributors were involved in mass tort actions involving defectively manufactured drywall. Our roadmap:  We sought a resolution as part of global settlement agreement within Multi-District Litigation in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Resolution:  Our lawyers obtained dismissal of all claims through involuntary dismissal or settlement.   In re Chinese Manufactured Drywall Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2047 (E.D. La.)

Client Story:  Defense Verdict in Kaiser Plant Litigation

Where we started:  We defended manufacturers of products who were sued for allegedly causing a catastrophic explosion at the Kaiser alumina plant in Gramercy, Louisiana.  Property damage and lost revenue claims were estimated at nearly $500 million. Our roadmap:  The damage claims were consolidated with personal injury claims by severely injured workers and a class action on behalf of the citizens of the two parishes surrounding the plant.  Due to the enormous exposure in excess of available insurance, multiple defendants settled before trial, leaving only Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and Thomas & Betts as defendants for the six-week jury trial. Resolution:  The jury verdict for the defendants was named the defense verdict of the year by the National Law JournalIn re Gramercy Plant Explosion At Kaiser, Master Docket No. 25,975, 23rd Judicial District Court, St. James Parish, Louisiana.

More about Class Actions and Mass Torts

Class actions threaten substantial exposure because of the potential aggregation of hundreds or thousands of similar claims.  Likewise, mass tort actions involve hundreds or thousands of identical, but separately filed, claims.  This potential exposure raises the stakes of litigation and could put your company or organization at risk of a substantial exposure.  To defend against these claims, you need lawyers who have experience with these specific types of litigation.