Louisiana Asbestos Litigation Defense Law Firm

Keogh Cox defends local and national companies in difficult, high-stakes asbestos litigation throughout Louisiana’s state and federal courts. We are experienced in claims arising from industrial exposures relating to premises and products. These cases often involve allegations of latent, asbestos-related diseases and may be filed years and even decades after the alleged exposure. Commonly, they involve allegations of “joint and several” liability which spurs incidental claims and demands between defendants and others who may have liability. As such, an evaluation of risk transfer is an essential consideration.  Our approach is to develop cost-effective strategies to help businesses, insurance companies, and premises owners in significant asbestos lawsuits. Because document management and timely communication are pivotal aspects of asbestos litigation, we offer our clients our experience with working with large volume of records in an efficient paperless environment.

Recent Experience Highlights

Where we started: We represented a national distributor of dental products that allegedly provided asbestos products to a dentist who was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  Given the time involved, the client faced possible joint and several liability with all other named defendants. Our roadmap: We developed a plan to extricate the client from the case through summary judgment. We proved that the claimant could not establish that our client provided an asbestos-containing product, or that our client failed to properly warn. Resolution:  We prevailed on the motion for summary judgment and obtained a final judgment of dismissal.