Louisiana Maritime Attorney Law Firm

Keogh Cox has spent 30-plus years helping U.S. and international businesses and insurers faced with the arcane complexities of maritime law in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. ocean waters and Louisiana waterways. Our lawyers focus on accidents, serious injury claims and other major maritime non-cargo, non-hull losses, with dozens of favorable verdicts and settlements throughout the state and federal courts of Louisiana. Access to the firm’s multiple litigation disciplines is an advantage in maritime cases at every phase of the representation. For example, our tort, employment, business and insurance law experience often come into play when there are maritime injuries from collisions, falls, fires, explosions and other catastrophic events involving ships, platforms and other types of vessels, structures and facilities. We know and work with the most respected experts and regularly pursue indemnity and other contractual issues when building a strategy. As students of this ancient body of law, we understand that admiralty law changes relentlessly, often abruptly. This is why we constantly monitor Louisiana and federal maritime law and remedies. We also keep a close eye on oil prices and other economic factors impacting oilfield suppliers, contracts, well shut-downs and upticks in injury claims.

Because of our extensive maritime experience, our litigation lawyers have dealt with virtually every area of admiralty law, including:

  • Indicia of Jurisdiction
  • Scope of Maritime Jurisdiction
  • Substantive Maritime Law: Contracts for Carriage of Goods
  • Liens on Maritime Property
  • The Seaman’s Employment Contract, Wages and Compromise of Claims
  • Maritime Insurance
  • Towage and Pilotage
  • General Average
  • Maritime Tort Law
  • Collision Law
  • Worker Injury Claims
  • Wrongful Death
  • Platform Injuries
  • Sovereign Immunity
  • Joint and Several Liability, Indemnity and Contribution
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Jurisdiction and Procedure in Maritime Claims

Recent Experience Highlights

Client Story: Outside “General Counsel” Serving All Maritime Needs

Where we started: A global company that provides services in the Gulf of Mexico and other maritime locations was in the market for general litigation counsel to advise on maritime personal injury cases, develop maritime contracts and assist with maritime business disputes. Our roadmap: Keogh Cox develops strategies that allow the client to proactively avoid risk, maintain beneficial contractual relationships and defend maritime injury cases in the event they arise. Resolution: This attorney-client relationship has been successful for over two decades.

Client Story: Defense of Indemnity Claims Related to Various Maritime Contracts

Where we started: Keogh Cox was approached to defend an energy company and its insurer against multiple contractual defense and indemnity claims raised by contractors and subcontractors after a serious maritime accident. Our roadmap: We developed an aggressive motion practice in an effort to pass these alleged defense and indemnity claims on to third parties. Resolution: The claim remains pending. Keogh Cox will file Motions for Summary Judgment in an effort to secure the dismissal of these claims and thus avoid the expenses of trial.

Client Story: Use of federal court motion practice to reduce and eliminate exposure

Where we started: A global company was sued by a Jones Act seaman who claimed to have suffered personal injuries during a lifting incident. Our roadmap: Before the lawsuit, Keogh Cox had assisted the client with employment procedures, to include the development of pre-employment screening materials. Because these materials were on hand, and the claimant had misrepresented his pre-employment medical conditions, we asserted a McCorpen misrepresentation or fraud defense via a Motion for Summary Judgment. Resolution: Our strategy to explore the claimant’s credibility reduced the possible exposure. The claim settled for a nominal sum and included a contribution from another defendant.

Client Story: Recovery of Maintenance and Cure Benefits Paid

Where we started: A client was faced with two personal injury claims made by employees who were allegedly injured during a vessel collision. Maintenance, cure and unearned wage payments were made to both employees as required by law. Our roadmap: A lawsuit ensued between the two entities involved in the vessel collision. Keogh Cox intervened in this suit to recover all maintenance and cure benefits paid from the party at fault for the accident. Resolution: We successfully recouped the amounts paid by the client from the party that caused the vessel collision.

More Details about Admiralty

Our lawyers have been providing exceptional legal counsel and maritime litigation representation to businesses for decades. We are known for our knowledge and experience with the unique complexities of the maritime judicial system, representing U.S. companies that have interests in the Gulf of Mexico and worldwide. We have handled all manner of disputes and claims arising from accidents on rivers, the Gulf of Mexico and U.S. ocean waters, calling for a deep, broad knowledge of Louisiana, federal and international maritime law, including:

  • Oil rig accident litigation
  • Platform accidents
  • Limitation of liability actions
  • Vessel negligence
  • Offshore products liability
  • Transportation injuries
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act defense
  • Jones Act
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act law
  • Louisiana Oilfield Anti-Indemnity Act representation
  • Maritime business contract law
  • Maritime business formation and transaction law
  • Non-cargo, non-hull, brown water claims and disputes.