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Keogh Cox has a team of experienced defense lawyers representing owner-operators, regional and national carriers and insurers in trucking accident litigation throughout Louisiana.  We are known for our technical accuracy, focus on quick response and early investigation, detailed accident reconstruction and effective use of experts in seeking the most favorable case resolution or their removal to federal courts and juries. We typically handle difficult, high-profile cases with high financial exposure, often involving serious injuries, wrongful death and other catastrophic loss claims.  Our long, active history with trucking litigation ­ both at trial and on appeal is due in part to Louisiana’s busy interstate highway system and the high volume of interstate and cross-border traffic using it.  This is coupled with our broad courtroom experience in the defense of complex claims of all kinds across a wide variety of industries. Immediacy, responsiveness, technical knowledge and industry experience are key ingredients to our approach.  Clients often reach out to us soon after an accident occurs, and we immediately mobilize, examining driver logs, thoroughly documenting the facts of the accident, choosing the right experts and reconstructing what happened.  Our front-end work becomes the foundation for our case strategy, supporting a resolution to the case at the earliest appropriate opportunity.

Experience Highlights

Client Story:  Diligence and Artfulness in Discovery Made the Difference for our Client.

Where we started:  In the James Matter, 19th JDC, we represented a delivery company whose driver was accused of recklessly entering into a turning lane immediately before striking the plaintiff/motorcycle driver. The injuries were catastrophic. Our roadmap:  Through discovery, we were able to establish that the plaintiff had moved his motorcycle between the rows of stalled traffic and darted out in front of our client’s driver in route to a drug deal. Through a Motion for Summary Judgment, we successfully contended that no reasonable driver could have anticipated this occurrence and that the plaintiff could not meet his burden of proof to show a breach of duty. Resolution: The dismissal was upheld on appeal.

More Details about Trucking

Our trucking litigation history comprises of cases involving all types and sizes of trucks, from a pick-up to an 18-wheeler.  We also have technically deep and broad experience with a wide range of trucking litigation issues, including:

  • U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliance
  • Driver logs and regulations
  • Oil patches
  • Serious injuries and wrongful deaths
  • Accident reconstruction, investigations and black boxes
  • Insurance
  • Interstate and intrastate hauling
  • Bobtail truck, hotshot truck, big truck, box truck, delivery truck
  • Logging, petrol, fuel, chemicals, waste and sugar industries
  • Duty of care
  • Cargo claims


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