Louisiana Breach of Fiduciary Duty Defense Law Firm

We help shareholders, directors, officers, partners and other business entities involved with breach of fiduciary duty claims and disputes in Louisiana’s state and federal courts.  Our lawyers have years of practical experience with our home state’s complex duty of care statutes and case law. Our experience on both sides of this type of litigation gives our clients – both public and private as well as corporate and individual – a competitive advantage.  Our lawyers provide timely, cost-effective representation whether you are suing an officer or partner for a breach of their duty of care or loyalty, or need to be defended yourself against breach of fiduciary duty allegations.

Recent Experience Highlights

Client Story:  Favorable Settlement in Complex LUTPA and Non-Competition Litigation

Where we started: Keogh Cox was approached by Herff Jones, a national graduation ring company, to represent it in a suit against its major competitor involving unfair trade practices and violation of the non-compete agreement of a key former Herff Jones employee. Our roadmap: We developed aggressive motion practice to include injunctive relief and tailored discovery methods to address the complex litigation. Resolution: Our well-developed plan and intricate knowledge of complex business matters resulted in a favorable settlement for the client.

More Details about Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Depending on whether you are in a partnership, corporation or other type of business entity, the duties owed to different members may vary.  Generally, no self-dealing is allowed, officers must be faithful to the company and they must act as a reasonably prudent person.  Regardless of the source of the claim, we regularly represent clients where there is an allegation that the correct standard of care was not upheld.