Louisiana Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney Law Firm

Keogh Cox has had a premier reputation representing physicians and medical practices since our firm was founded nearly 50 years ago. Thanks to that individual and institutional experience, our medical malpractice defense lawyers have a deep knowledge and understanding of Louisiana’s unique medical malpractice laws. Our lawyers work with professionals at every stage of the medical malpractice litigation process, including medical review panel representation. Clients include physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical and health care professionals and medical service providers facing malpractice litigation in Louisiana’s courts. We also represent professionals who have been named in medical malpractice lawsuits or who are facing disciplinary action before Louisiana’s administrative panels and licensing agencies. In addition, we have represented local, state and national medical societies on contract negotiations, pre-litigation negotiations, litigation avoidance and other issues. Our lawyers regularly consult with physicians to address their business and practice issues. This includes business formation and transactions, as well as consultation on a variety of other issues. For example, we recently served as lead counsel on a significant case relating to scope of practice issues.

Experience Highlights

Client Story: Voluntary Dismissal Obtained after Demonstrating that our Client did not Render Medical Care to Decedent.

Where we started: The client, a non-medical provider, who assisted the decedent with activity of daily living, was sued by the decedent’s brother after her death. It was alleged that the client committed medical malpractice in failing to provide proper care to her in the days leading up to her death. Our roadmap: From the outset of the litigation, we sought to prove that the client did not render medical care to the decedent. Instead, other medical providers were retained to deliver such care. These efforts included obtaining medical records from various entities and deposing the decedent’s treating physician. Resolution: The matter was voluntarily dismissed after it was proven that our client was not engaged in the delivery of medical care, and was otherwise not negligent in the services our client provided.

Client Story: Summary Judgment Obtained on Behalf of a Physical Therapist.

Where we started: The patient filed suit against his treating physician and a physical therapist, claiming failure to timely diagnose a disc herniation that resulted in permanent neurological damage. Our roadmap: We obtained medical records and physical therapy records to evaluate the claim. Our client, the physical therapist, was deposed, as was the other defendant, the treating physician. It was established that the client promptly alerted the treating physician and made proper recommendations when she learned of the patient’s complaints of lower extremity symptoms. Resolution: Summary judgment was obtained on behalf of the physical therapist. The court concluded our client did not breach the standard of care.

More Details about our Medical Malpractice Practice

Recognized as one of Louisiana’s leading medical malpractice defense firms, we focus heavily on helping medical professionals and providers understand the limitations of liability and the laws relating to the Patient Compensation Fund, as well as other areas of liability and claims, including:

  • Medical professional malpractice claims defense
  • Doctor malpractice defense
  • Dentist malpractice defense
  • Nursing malpractice defense and consultation
  • Surgeon malpractice defense
  • Emergency room error defense
  • Hospital negligence defense
  • Birth injury claim defense
  • Limitation of liability legal counsel
  • Nursing home liability defense
  • Licensure defense and reinstatement
  • Medical clinic and business formation counsel

Our team includes Chad Sullivan, a lawyer who is also a Registered Nurse with a Board Certificate in Health Care Compliance. Chad frequently speaks to nursing associations and consults with nurses on licensure and other issues.