Louisiana Nurse Malpractice and Liability Defense Law Firm

Keogh Cox is widely respected for its handling of licensing issues and litigation involving nurses and other health care professionals throughout Louisiana.  For many years, our lawyers have represented nurses in administrative hearings, eligibility proceedings and disciplinary hearings, including matters before the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. We also have substantial experience as trial and appellate litigators with nursing-related cases in our state’s courts.  Nurses regularly turn to us when they are facing a contractual, professional liability or other potentially costly claim or dispute. Chad Sullivan is a member of our nursing law team.  Not only is he an experienced trial attorney, but Chad is also a Registered Nurse and Board Certified in Health Care Compliance.  He regularly defends nurses accused of violating Louisiana’s Nurse Practice Act and in professional malpractice cases.

Experience Highlights

Client Story: Obtains injunction against Louisiana State Board of Nursing on behalf of Pain Management Physicians

Where we started: The Louisiana State Board of Nursing expanded the scope of practice of Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) to include interventional pain procedures reserved to physicians.  Keogh Cox was retained by physicians to contest this scope of practice expansion. Our roadmap: The litigation addressed unique issues in Louisiana law not previously addressed by the court system. The litigation was protracted, involving a number of motions and appeals. Resolution: After a two-day trial involving testimony from a number of experts, Keogh Cox obtained a judgment finding that the Louisiana State Board of Nursing substantively expanded the scope of practice of CRNAs into an area where they had not traditionally practiced. The practice of interventional pain management was not within the CRNAs scope of practice, as the practice of pain management is solely within the province of medicine.  The trial judgment was affirmed on appeal on these issues. The Louisiana Supreme Court denied writs.

More Details about Nursing Law and Licensing

Members of our team have defended nurses against a wide range of complaints and claims that can affect their nursing licenses, including:

  • Violations of the Nurse Practice Act and other nursing regulations
  • Criminal convictions, falsifying records, stealing or moral turpitude
  • Untreated mental illness or mental incompetence, which interferes with the ability to safely treat patients
  • Excessive use of drugs or alcohol which affects ability to practice
  • Failure to meet continuing education requirements
  • Unfitness or incompetence to practice nursing by reason of negligence, habit, or other cause
  • Failure to use appropriate judgment or technical skill while practicing as a nurse
  • Violations of patient confidentiality

In addition to representing Registered Nurses at formal hearings, we help nurses with petitions for reinstatement of their nursing licenses, modification of disciplinary orders and appeals of license denials.