Louisiana Heath Care Business Formation and Consultation Law Firm

Keogh Cox has a preeminent reputation for the defense of physicians and other healthcare professionals and their insurers in medical malpractice litigation and administration actions.  The firm’s team, which includes a Registered Nurse with a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Corporate Compliance, represents all types of providers, including medical doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapists, pharmacists and nurses. We are aggressive advocates with decades of experience handling complex, highly contentious matters throughout Louisiana involving professional liability and licensure.  While willing to try a case to the end, our lawyers always have the long-term personal, ethical and professional objectives of our clients in mind and resolve cases at the earliest, optimum point.  We are also tort lawyers, trained and experienced in finding and managing the right experts and litigating the underlying facts and business issues in a claim to the strategic advantage of our clients. Clients appreciate our efficient management of cases and our focus on being accessible and keeping clients informed.  Our firm uses advanced electronic document software to efficiently and securely share and manage case files, an advantage to clients that keeps costs down, documents accessible and the matter moving forward in a timely way. Our medical malpractice lawyers are on top of the case law and the latest Standards of Care, and well as trending issues in the plaintiffs’ bar.

Recent Experience Highlights

Client Story:  Representation of a Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Hospital

Where we started:  A 30-year old, married patient committed suicide while admitted to a psychiatric hospital.  Her family filed a lawsuit centered around a wrongful death claim, with a significant economic loss element of damages. Our roadmap:  Representing both the psychiatrist and the psychiatric hospital, we were able to impeach the plaintiff’s medical expert, which led to settlement. Resolution:  We settled for a total payment to the plaintiffs of $35,000.  

More Details about Medical/Professional Consultation

Keogh Cox is known for its comprehensive depth and experience handling professional liability claims involving healthcare providers in Louisiana.  For decades, we have handled all types of claims, including:

  • Nursing home defense, representing skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, retirement facilities, long-term care facilities and rehabilitation centers, both directly and at the request of facility insurers
  • State licensing actions and nursing home negligence claims
  • Nursing Law and Licensing, representing nurses in disciplinary proceedings at the Louisiana State Board of Nursing