Louisiana Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our firm has a solid reputation as strong litigators in the courtroom. We are just as successful with alternative dispute resolution, whether through arbitration or mediation.

If your contract requires mediation or arbitration to resolve a legal dispute or claim, of if alternative dispute resolution makes sense to expeditiously reach resolution, we have the experience to get you the best result. Our lawyers have mediated and arbitrated thousands of cases, saving our clients the time, expense, and risk of protracted litigation. Mediators and arbitrators frequently recognize our lawyers for their preparation and ability to focus on the key ingredients that produce a successful result.

Arbitration Through the American Arbitration Association

If you need an arbitrator or neutral for your case, Mary Anne Wolf, PE, JD, is a member of the American Arbitration Association roster of commercial and construction arbitrators. As an arbitrator, she is committed to the goal of arbitration – a fair, impartial, efficient forum with an experienced neutral to decide the parties’ claims. She is both an engineer and attorney with over 25 years of combined experience as a design engineer in the construction industry and as an attorney representing clients in construction litigation or serving as an arbitrator. She brings her experience, technical and practical knowledge, and adept legal analysis to the cases she decides.

She serves as arbitrator in large, complex, multi-party construction disputes as well as smaller commercial and construction claims. Representative claim disputes include construction defects, construction delay, design errors, building code compliance issues, hurricane and other disaster insurance disputes, product liability, large industrial equipment failures, commercial contract disputes, indemnity issues, and claims involving engineering, critical path, accounting, or other forensic analysis.