Louisiana Mediation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our firm has two lawyers with years of practical, first-hand experience and training in alternative dispute resolution, helping clients resolve disputes without a trial. As seasoned litigators certified under Louisiana law as mediators, we understand how clients can often be better served by taking a legal problem outside the courtroom.  We understand the pressures and risks of trials and appeals. Experience – in and out of the courtroom – has taught us the value of re-building and facilitating communication between the parties.  As neutrals, we break through impasses and foster creative, outside-the-box compromises, offering solutions and settlements that limit downside risk and provide both sides with some kind of victory for their efforts.

Recent Experience Highlights

All matters for which we serve as mediators are strictly confidential.  While we do not divulge, discuss or publish our clients’ business publicly, we have handled alternative resolution in Louisiana in the following areas and industries:

  • Construction
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional liability
  • Family
  • Land-based casualty
  • Products
  • Trucking
  • Insurance disputes
  • Fee disputes

More Details about Mediation

Our mediation clients appreciate having experienced trial lawyers helping them understand the decision-making process, instead of the parties being exposed to the relative risks associated with judges and juries.  As leaders in this area, we stay abreast of developments in Louisiana law and know the issues unique to our state, including:

  • ADR and environmental disputes
  • Construction defects and delay claims
  • Medical and professional malpractice
  • Legal and real estate liability
  • Divorce and custody
  • Premises liability and personal injury

We are peace-makers who tone down any acrimony, facilitate communication and, eventually, lead both sides of the dispute to a creative solution that everyone can accept.  If a mediation initially fails, we follow the case and often help the parties come to an agreeable resolution.

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